Welcome to Lone Star Bakery

Lone Star Bakery, Inc. has been innovating new products for 120 years. Our operations cover more than 400,000 sq. ft. of production, warehouse, freezer and cooler space shared between two facilities.  Our newest facility is a specially-designed USDA plant with equipment tailored to handle mass production.


To provide our customers with superior products as we continue our "History in the Baking."



Homemade goodness, baked right in.

Fried Pies


You'll never look at fried pies the same way again!



Pigs in a blanket, all grown up.

We bake well with others.

It doesn't matter if you call it contract packaging, contract packing or co-packing, some of the biggest names in America choose to do business with us.  And some of the smallest names do too.

We think it's because we're committed to our seemingly-simple core philosophy – provide quality, freshness, loyalty and personal service to our customers.  We proudly work hard at it every day, but here's how we make it look easy:


We employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality, freshness, prompt order response and on-time delivery.  Our operation covers more than 400,000 sq. ft. of production, warehouse, freezer and cooler space. Specially-designed equipment easily handles large volumes as well as small, customized orders ... quickly and efficiently.  So regardless of whether we're preparing your order from scratch, or running your excess, we can deliver because we have the equipment and capabilities to get the job done:

  • Five high-output band ovens (220, 240, 260 and two that are 265 ft.)
  • Three tunnel ovens
  • Sixteen spirals - 7 blast freezer, 3 cooling, 3 ambient, 2 proofing and 1 nitrogen
  • Storage freezer with an inventory capacity of 175 truckloads

Quality Control

Year after year, Lone Star Bakery, Inc. ranks as one of the top bakeries in the country based on scores for taste, consistency and quality. Part of the reason we rank so high in the nation is our Quality Control Program. For all of our customers, we have:

  • Annual, voluntary ASI and AIB inspections as an ongoing part of our Q.C. Program, and we have never scored less than Excellent
  • A food safety program that incorporates the company's allergen program into the HACCP plan
  • Ongoing training and education for our Quality Assurance management and production supervisors

Nationwide Distribution, Lowest Cost

Our centralized location gives us the ability to control labor costs, and allows us to distribute to our co-packer customers nationwide at the lowest cost possible.  Another plus at our location? We have 65 acres of land on which we can expand.

Custom Baking is Our Specialty, and We Do Packaging Too

The flexibility of Lone Star Bakery, Inc. means that we can custom formulate products as well as design and produce packaging according to your exact co-packing specifications. We can use your recipe and packaging or develop a product for you that is based on the library of recipes that we've developed in our test kitchen over the past 15 years.  In short, if you need it, we can bake it, package it, and send it on its way.