They’re a sweet way to boost your bottom line.
Get into the ring! We offer seven varieties of generously-sized, super-moist ring cakes that can be served for breakfast, as a snack or as an after-dinner dessert. For your convenience, they come baked, frozen, and ready to thaw and serve.



Blueberry Yogurt Ring Cake 
93060 :: Blueberry Yogurt :: 6/38 oz.

Peaches-n-Cream Ring Cake 
93062 :: Peaches-n-Cream :: 6/38 oz.

Strawberries-n-Cream Ring Cake 
93010 :: Strawberry-n-Cream :: 6/38 oz.

Marble Creme Ring Cake 
93050 :: Marble Creme :: 6/38 oz.

Lemon Poppyseed Ring Cake 
93061 :: Lemon Poppyseed :: 6/38 oz.