Taste of homemade cake? We’ve got you covered. 
Our iced sheet cakes can’t be beat! We offer six popular flavors, and each one is thick, moist, and full of flavor. 
Simply cut, and serve as a great snack or dessert.


When you cut into this cake, you’ll be greeted with the warm smell of cinnamon and impressed by the generous helping of walnut pieces.  You’ll swear it’s fresh from the oven.  The cream cheese frosting is, shall we say, the icing on the cake.  This one definitely will be a favorite.

    Chocolate w/Chocolate Icing Sheet Cake 
    84101 :: Chocolate w/Chocolate Icing :: 4/80 oz.

    Yellow w/Chocolate Icing Sheet Cake 
    84201 :: Yellow w/Chocolate Icing :: 4/80 oz.

Carrot w/Cream Cheese Icing Sheet Cake 
    84400 :: Carrot w/Cream Cheese Icing :: 6/38 oz.

    Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese Icing Sheet Cake 
    86932 :: Red Velvet w/Cream Cheese Icing :: 4/80 oz.

    White w/White Icing Sheet Cake 
    84301 :: White w/White Icing :: 4/80 oz.

    German Chocolate w/ Icing Sheet Cake 

    86930 :: German Chocolate w/ Icing :: 4/80 oz.